APRIL 2014

Lego George Washington is yellow with a white hooded shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes. His eyes are round. One is black and the other is emerald green.

Lego George Washington hates "celebrities" or is indifferent to them. The only time LGW can be featured with a celebrity is if he is assassinating the celebrity or planning their assassination. Lego George Washington works as an assassin. He is trying to move on from this ruthless and unethical mode of life but like the rest of us he still "has to" support himself in this $h*t economy.

Lego George Washington may be deranged and psychotic on some levels, but he is not an idiot. So don't go slapping inverted pentagrams all over him please. This symbol is weak and boring and bad for business, and there are several legitimate magickal reasons for not employing it that are beyond the scope of this style guide. Suffice it to say that any LGW content bearing this sign will never be posted on Upright pentagrams are fine tho but pls don't use them in their common clichéd and erroneous sense as representations of evil or of black magick or the Devil or whatever. Such ignorant sensationalism is boring and lame. You either use it talismanically (and own the consequences), or you integrate it into an LGW story in an intelligent way.

Lego George Washington is not a lego, is not made of legos, and has no affiliation with the toys "Legos" or any of their offshoots like duplos or playmobils.

There is no official "model" for Lego George Washington other than the above statement, added to which might be the nature of his legs, small thin rectangles descending out of his more spacious upper garment. but keep it simple, 4 fingers (if you draw 5 and it looks good then whatever, go for it). There is no model and there can never be a model. Because the model is pointless, any representation could be the model, and any model is only a representation. It may be the one upon which all others are judged, so in that case I am forced to decide and I choose the first incarnation, of lego george washington, drawn in frustration, for design whose location, is harder to change, to just re-arrange, it wasn't loose enough, wasn't whimsical enough, i.e. not whimsical enough to do tons of drawings of, to make do the things that were thought of. ah, simplicity, how I crave thee, and yet, the genuine variety of one's own being, keeps confusing things by endless addition, tinkering, etc….but seriously, a character should be as easy to draw as in that first lgw gif. reference here (the first gif)

there is no reason not to change the size of his body to fit through something, make it easy, if he has to go across the room, just do something cool I don't wanna know what it is but it better be cool. Don't try to imitate, try to innovate, try to circumnavigate, see what you can do that's fun for you, that excited you when you thought of it, when you decided to do it and got interested in it, started smiling because of it, that moment when you were in the heat of it and it was pure art for once


addendum to LEGO GEORGE washington style guide - 1/15/15

Lego George Washington is no longer as assassin. Reference this short for a detailed depiction of his turning away from this stupid career of violence and illusion: Lego George Washington is no more to be made a vessel of hatred than the memory of the real George Washington himself is to be made in retrospect, whose reputation it has become common in some circles to smear with emphasis on the Great General's racism, anti-Nativism, etc...It must be stated that all such accusations do indeed properly condemn such deplorable failings of, alas, a human man, subject to all the faults of a finite being yet to be liberated from the chains of illusion which so often appear to bind him, make him believe in grotesqueries, and thus perpetrate great acts of ill towards his brothers and sisters. But let the accuser remember his/her own faults and in the words of the Masters of Illusion "judge not, lest ye be judged", and recall, if ye can, the hardships endured at Valley Forge and beyond, by those brave and noble souls, our forefathers, who indeed paved the earliest stones of iPad, etc, and be glad.